Getting Involved

How best to organise ourselves?

What is a good structure for our Community Shop at this stage in its life? That question was left open at the June 2013 meeting of Members and Volunteers. With the possibility of two of the current three Trustee Directors standing aside at the next AGM in the Autumn, and the then Company Secretary and Treasurer also wanting to lessen her role, the way was open for a fresh shape for how we arranged ourselves.

The number of Trustee Directors has been three from the start, but some wonder whether it should now be five or even seven. For a long time there was a Steering Group which offered valuable input. Some wonder whether that might be an useful forum to re-introduce for hearing views as well as having regular meetings of the Volunteers with the Manager. One Member set the discussion rolling by offering  some ideas and a pattern which was circulated to all present at the  June 20th meeting. Re-actions were invited and a summary sent round.

The Directors considered these and all other suggestions before the AGM. The Directors, the Manager, and any kind of steering group are all part of the support structure to enable the Volunteers to offer the best and widest service to those who use the Shop and its facilities. Offers were invited for people to serve as Directors, but they had to be Members of the Shop, and the strong advice of the Plunkett Foundation is that they have also served as volunteers so that they know at first-hand how the Shop runs and what issues crop up.The Plunkett Foundation co-ordinates the work of the 300+ Community Shops currently in operation in the UK.

Membership Forms are available in the Shop. Please ask for one. There is no financial obligation apart from £1 should the Shop fail! Residents of Barrowden and Wakerley villages over 16, and adults from other villages who have a Shop account or are volunteers are eligible for Membership. Having a Membership is part of the conditions for Registration under the Companies legislation. We are officially a "Company Limited by Guarantee (not for profit)" and registered at Companies House.

Our shop is run by the community for the community.  That means you!

There are many ways to get involved.

Even tho' we have been trading for some while, there are still specialist skills we could use. Can you help?  We particularly need volunteers who can help with:
  • Secretarial assistance
  • Book keeping skills
  • Helping in the garden areas
  • Serving in the Shop at times convenient to you.....

  • People's commitments and responsibilities change. If you could help in any way please contact Gill Coleman: 01572 747 687.

Thank you so much to all the many who have volunteered to work in the Shop in these first four years. The commitment of so many has been thrilling to see. This now means that newcomers can start their experience alongside at least one other person who will remember their own first days (not so long ago!) and be pleased to help someone else build up their confidence on the till and around the shop. Tell Gill Coleman or David Lewis when you could come for a trial run.

Our system needs much support if we are to make this Community Shop a genuinely community activity   - please see our Shop news page.

In preparation for the September 2013 AGM, we said ......

Plans for shop AGM and new trustees.

The Community Shop directors met on July 29th to settle a time plan for the trustee nominations and AGM.

If you want to be eligible to vote at the AGM or

to  be nominated as a trustee you MUST BE A SHOP MEMBER

Application  and nomination forms from the shop

If you are unsure if you have registered as a shop member look at the list in the shop.
Please return the form as soon as possible
Remember shop membership is free and  open to anyone over 16 years.
 It is hoped many more  who appreciate the shop will become members.

All this is equally applicable to the October 2014 AGM.

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