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Barrowden and Wakerley Community Shop,
22, Wakerley Road, Barrowden LE15 8EP

This is right by the Village Hall, and opposite the bungalow at No 33.


Shop Number 01572 748748
Other contact numbers  01572 747687
for Gill Coleman, Secretary
                     Or for the Volunteers Rota, Kay Bagshaw on 01572 748797, or Angeline Allt on 01572 747180

The map now shows the shop on site. (It once showed only the brambles and nettles that occupied the site previously. But Google obviously keep up-to-date!)  Vehicle entrance is from Wakerley Road, with additional pedestrian access from King's Lane and the Medical Surgery along the new foot path.

Click on the blue symbol for more information, or use the + sign to zoom in more closely.

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