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Steering Group

The Steering Group was in action from its inception in May 2005 until 2010. Most members worked together on a regular basis over that period,
although some of the original team have moved from Barrowden.

For the record, some of the most involved Steering Group members were:

Sheila Saunders     Co-ordinator
Gill Coleman            Treasurer
Angeline Allt   
David Bagshaw
Graham Ball
Janet Ball
Katie Greaves
Brigit McMullan
Sarah Preston
Peter Radcliffe
Rita Radcliffe

Architect - Dave Wilkinson, Collyweston

And many volunteers called on when needed for a particular task.

Once the Shop was up and running it seemed simplest to leave much of the policy making to the Directors, and to have regular meetings of the Volunteers with the Manager to discuss practical issues and to forward ideas for development to the Directors. This was the pattern between 2010 and 2013.