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The Company and its Members

The Company

A company (registration number 05731742) was incorporated on 6th March 2006 as

Barrowden & Wakerley
Community Shop Limited (not for profit)

The principal activity of the company is the provision of a Community Shop.

A Community Shop is a social enterprise venture, not for profit, that is owned by the community to serve the community. A social enterprise is a business whose surpluses are reinvested in the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to maintain profit for shareholders.

Barrowden & Wakerley Community Shop Limited is registered as a company limited by guarantee (not for profit) without share capital. Surplus funds will be reinvested in the development of the shop facilities or offered for use by other village organizations.

These decisions will be taken at the Annual General Meeting which will be open to all Members of the community shop.

Membership is open to all residents

Barrowden & Wakerley Community Shop Limited currently has 4 directors

Company Secretary—Gillian Coleman, 10 Redland Close, Barrowden, Rutland LE15 8ES

Directors— up to September 2013,
                   Sheila Saunders, 35 Main Street, Barrowden. Chairpeson.

                   David Bagshaw, 23, Dovecote Close, Barrowden

                   David Fry, 5, Wakerley Road, Barrowden

From September 2013
Paul Diver, The Hey, Wakerley Road, Barrowden.<59pad4@gmail.com> Chair
Phil Wood, The Hey, Wakerely Road, Barrowden. <mail@philwood.co.uk> Vice
David Bagshaw, as above
Gillian Coleman, as above
Angeline Allt, Chapel Lane, Barrowden. <angeline.allt@talk21.com>

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