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From the past (2011)

Below, some news that made headlines earlier on.

OPEN FOR TWO YEARS. 24 September 2011.

SPECIAL NEWS.  This past Saturday. What a special day it was

That Saturday, 24th September, saw a big celebration to mark our first two years of trading. We opened in August 2009. This year we marked our second Anniversary with a special day of celebration.

At 11.00am, the Chairman of our Barrowden Parish Council, Mr Derek Lanning (a regular customer himself)  declared the proceedings OPEN with an excellent speech. We said before the event that if you have never been to the Shop before, Saturday would be an excellent day to start. Some took us up on that. We hope they were not disappointed.

Many of our Shop's regular suppliers showed us their wares, perhaps including some we do not normally see. Many seemed to enjoy the tastings in the Shop.

Our supplier of wood-craft, Mr Barry WIndsor offered demonstrations of his skill with wood. And Nicola Denbigh, one of our regular cake suppliers also showed us her expertise.

The children were of course be included with face-painting and a treasure hunt and various other supervised activities.

A big favourite last year was the Barbeque serving burgers and sausages from our regular meat and bread suppliers.There was no need for Mums to prepare lunch that day. Many families enjoyed our BBQ. Some also remembered to bring the leaflet delivered to every house to claim a special discount of 50p off each item.

The well-stocked Shop itself was be open of course as it is every day. So come and see its range. We think our prices compare well with most other shops. Check them out for yourself. Why spend money on fuel to go on a journey when you can get most regular items locally at good prices! And meet friends and neighbours . How many do you ever see when shopping in other places?

Thank you for joining us at the Shop for a great day.

More from the Christmas Fayre.

Meanwhile, other got on with the more serious business of shopping and re-stocking the shelves.

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